• You want to lose weight?

    How long before you reach
    your ideal weight?

    ProtiDiet is internationally renowned to be one of
    the most EFFECTIVE and RAPID weight-loss program.


  • Protein-based diet

    Lose weight FAST

    >70 saveurs

    70 flavors available

    15 grams of protein per product

    Prêts à consommer


    Chewy bars, Cookies, Muffins, Chips

  • A team of experts

    Planning, Follow-up and Motivation

    • Assessment of your situation
    • Action plan and diet
    • Follow-up and motivation
    • Exercise and maintenance

Tropical concentrates

concentre tropicaux fr

Weight loss plan


ProtiDiet products allow you to lose weight quickly without suffering from hunger or the loss of muscular density.

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By consulting with a specialist, you are guaranteed a proper monitoring and detailed answers to your questions. Your doctor will become your best counsellor and biggest supporter.

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Once you have reached your target, you need to keep up the good work. Healthy eating and a little exercise will allow you to remain fit and more importantly to maintain your new silhouette.

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