The method explained

The high-protein diet is a weight loss program based on rigorous scientific research.

This revolutionary protein-based weight-loss method allows for rapid slimming without any loss of muscular density.

The protein diet was created in the 1970`s from the work of Georges L. Blackburn, world-renowned professor at Harvard`s Medical School. While studying the biochemical, metabolic and psychological effects of fasting, he observed that our organism, when deprived of food, draws the energy it needs to function from muscles and not from fat, as was previously thought. The observed weight loss is therefore the result of decreased muscular density and not a loss of fatty tissue, a well-known health hazard.

Professor Blackburn also discovered proteins unique ability to protect muscular density. Therefore, when we reduce the intake of carbohydrates and lipids and we eat a precise amount of protein, our organism reacts by transforming fats into the energy it needs to work properly. As a result, your muscles are protected while the weight melts off quickly!

It is this fundamental principle that is at the heart of the hyper-protein diet, acclaimed today as the best method to lose weight fast without putting your health in jeopardy.