Pro-Amino International

Bureau de Pro-Amino InternationalWelcome to Pro-Amino International

Pro-Amino International specializes in the development and marketing of dietary supplements and products since 1988.

For a few years now, we have been experiencing a rapid growth. Our influence is spreading quickly through Europe, the United States, Lebanon, Mexico and many other countries. Pro-Amino does not limit itself to purely mercantile endeavors. Its main objective is to help people lose weight fast and keep it off while following medicine`s and nutrition's deontological code of conduct.

A dynamic team

equipe-proaminoTo offer the very best of slimming products to its customers, the company rallied around a young and dynamic team.

Our research and development team is working hard to offer trusted, quality products that are suited to today's clientele's specific needs.

The team is assisted in its goal by the raw material buyers.

Our customer service puts your satisfaction first and therefore is always tending to your needs. Our policy states that it is crucial to communicate effectively to be understood. This statement of principle allows us to give our customers the quality of service they deserve.

A dedicated production team

production-pro-aminoOur production team is at the heart of our business activities-rules of hygiene are strictly followed to assure a high quality final product. Moreover, our quality-control program assures the safety and healthiness of our products, from the raw materials to the shipping, done according to the Canadian food inspection agency.

Our support team is made up of seasoned specialists- be it the technical management, the general management, the public relations team, the editorial staff or the accounting department.